Three main symptoms of depression

Every fifth inhabitant of the earth suffers from this disease or may suffer from depression in the future. People tend to struggle with depression or go to suspicious specialists.

Experts have identified three main symptoms of depression.

According to Andrei Shmilovich, head of the department of psychiatry and medical psychology, chief physician of the Alter Center for Spiritual Health, said that the disease had certain age categories, such as adolescents and young adolescents (aging) According to WHO, it is 45 years old.

He described symptoms of depressive disorder and noted three major symptoms of the disease.

According to him, it is primarily characteristic of autonomic disorders of depression. If a person wakes up in the morning, if his heart is hiding in his mouth, and if he has a mouth ulcer, and if he has problems with a great toilet and if he feels uncomfortable, it is the first sign of depression.

The second is a mood - a rhythm of change of state. Often you are much worse in the morning, and in the evening you feel easier. This is often the case for spring and autumn.

The third sign that we talk about is a clinical depression - angehony. It is a loss of pleasure.

"In normal conditions, you can enjoy the sweet juice and enjoy it, and this pleasure will instinctively attract you to you." Depression will lose the need for enjoyment in biological, consciousness, happiness and motivation will disappear.

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