RECOGNIZING THE PHONE FEATURE : ● Do not answer the call for 4 seconds. Why? Because during this time the effect of electromagnetic waves is very strong and seems to be rapidly spreading to the human body.

● Do not turn off the phone by holding it on the bottom of the ear when the call is complete. This is because the waves are swift to the ears when switched off. This can lead to various diseases of the ear.

● Because of the high risk of lightning, keep in mind that it is possible to keep the mobile phone on a rainy day and do not hold it because the magnetic power of the phone will increase.

● Try to talk to your phone for a maximum of 15 minutes. Do not go beyond that.

● When sleeping at night, you need to set the phone to 1. 5 or 2m away. The effect of electromagnetic waves is strong.

● If you hold the phone in a bag or put it in your pocket, insert it in the protective bag.

● Speaking with people is just an assistant to the smallest spread of electromagnetic waves than to talk directly to the phone. But the use of headphones too has its own consequences.

● The phone must not be on your bed. It affects the nervous system and causes sleepiness. In the morning, you may have a headache or back pain.

● Keep the device away from the waist, near the chest, especially in the trousers, pockets pockets. Waves affect the internal organs of the body.

● Pregnant women should not use the phone because they are widespread and should be kept indoors.

● It is desirable not to give your children a telephone if possible.

● Do not forget to slow down the voice of your mobile phone in public places. Speaking quietly in such places is a sign of cultural identity. Especially when taking pictures outside the public transport, ridiculing is a sign of immorality.
Here are some rules, habits of using the phone properly. What other suggestions would you add? Write down your thoughts in comments.

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